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Pakistan Women’s cricket team highest score in ODI

Some Interesting Facts To Know

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Australia defeated India in 3 matches in 2018. After that, India went on to clinch the title that year. They haven’t had a bad tour so far. Even though they have lost a couple of games, it hasn’t changed the fact that they won’t be doing much to beat them. But despite losing both ways, India have no reason to think anything else after winning three matches in a row. So why should anyone think differently now?

Rohit Sharma (captain) was announced Indian captain for the first time ever in August 2019. He took charge of the captaincy till October 2019. While he has led the side twice already, it was in 2017 in New Zealand, where he made several important decisions. His presence was felt in Mumbai where Mumbai Indians finally secured IPL number 1 and finished runners up to Rajasthan Royals. From thereon he turned himself in to a captaincy option for the entire Indian national team. Pakistan Women’s cricket team highest score in ODI

About Pakistan Team

Mohammad Hafeez was born in Karachi, Sindh. He played football (soccer). Hafeez became a professional footballer before turning professional as a cricketer. He only became a cricketer after joining PCB. He has also represented Karachi FC as a midfielder.

Pakistan bowler Faheem Ashraf started the domestic circuit right in 2014. He is now part of Islamabad United’s senior list of coaches and managers. The former Pakistani cricketer has become one of the best pace bowlers in world. He used to bat for Lahore Whites Club. That club is now called Islamabad Police FC, which is owned by Pakistan Super League champion Karachi Kings.

In 2015, the national team changed its name to ‘The National Sports Authority of Pakistan’s team’. Though their old name “Pakistan Olympic Association” had been scrapped after 2004. Now they are known as ‘The National Sports Authority of Pakistan’.

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In 2016, a young female coach was appointed. She was given the responsibility of preparing youngsters for competitive sports in Pakistan. An amateur cricket team used her as a mentor. A day before the Pakistan Women’s Cricket team match, she took the lead and said a little prayer. The match would be quite important for the future. Soon, many things come into play. As soon as she prayed, the team would start working hard. During matches, she used to check the ball, bat, and try and break a few bones.

In the same year, the new boss of the team, KK Sarangani signed the contract as captain. And she did exactly that. Later, the captain, Mithali Raj, got promoted again to be captain.

In 2018, the captaincy was switched from Mithali Raj to Sarangani. Both captains managed to do everything perfectly. Then the team had its worst batting order in history. Although Pakistan scored a 100 in the match, it was nothing short of dreadful. After the match, everyone expected the outcome to stay the same till the end, but unfortunately, that was not the case. Not even the slightest bit of effort was made to stop the flood of negative comments and negativity coming out. Even though the scoreline remained unchanged, the overall performance and attitude of both captains were bad. The captaincy was switched but Mithali Raj remained one of the captains for a few months. Finally in November 2018, the captaincy went to Sarangani. Pakistan Women’s cricket team highest score in ODI. 


The captaincy was changed again in March 2019 however Sarangani wasn’t given the full support of the management. So whenever you needed to switch captains, Sarangani could always choose someone for the job; unlike his predecessor. One thing that remains the same was the way of thinking and approach towards tackling the opposition. Once again Sarangani was chosen and took over without being asked.

Kambela became another captain in October 2018. He decided to leave the team after two years in December 2018. Some fans of the team also thought that he wasn’t fit to manage it anymore but Sarangani didn’t care. He believed in him so much and eventually agreed to manage him again in September 2019.

In June 2019, after five long years of waiting, Kagiso Rabada became the captain of the team.

The team captaincy was also given to Abdul Majeed in May 2019 when Haris Rauf was injured and could not fulfill his role. Therefore, Rabada was put as captain and continued the captaincy from May 18 in October 2019. Pakistan Women’s cricket team highest score in ODI.



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