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ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers 2022


The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is being held in UAE next year and the first match will be played between India and Bangladesh on Tuesday, December 17, 2021, at Dubai International Cricket Stadium it will begin after a 10-hour break. As usual, the stadium will be flood-affected due to rain and so only 50 people will attend this game and if we look on all official websites for the tickets we can see that there are various discount rates.

Here comes some details of the match:-

Match No Match Date Time (GMT) Venue Dubai International Cricket Stadium Date(GMT) November 27, 9 pm IST November 28, 15:30 AM Dubai January 3, 6 am Dubai March 9, 7:30 am Dubai October 16, 11:30 pm Delhi November 18, 5:30 pm Abu Dhabi May 29, 8:30 am Abu Dhabi July 4, 12:30 pm Mumbai

India has qualified by winning 19 out of the 20 matches while Bangladesh hasn’t won any game so far but they have qualified by reaching the group stage as well as finishing ahead of Nepal. India last made it to the knockout stages when they beat Pakistan by three wickets on September 2, 2021. ICC MEN’S T20 WORLD CUP

After qualifying, we can also see that Indian batsmen are going to be playing against spinners and it is very important as their batting line-up are also strong but this game is a little more difficult for them because Pakistan has a lot of pace and pace bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah. In terms of bowling, Javed Miandad will face off with Wahab Riaz who is one of the best fast bowling options. India should beat Bangladesh in all departments with great effort. If any sort of scorecard for this game will be released then you will know it better than we can tell you right now, so stay tuned till then.

Here is our point list of what India needs to do to wining the competition:

1st two points

This game is very tough for both teams, each team needs to start preparing immediately and if India’s preparations are good then they can get an early lead and in which case they’ll have the edge over Bangladesh and its chances of qualification on Day One. So India will need to play an aggressive approach and create partnerships between players. Aiden Markram and Rohit Sharma will be working together to create more scoring opportunities so even skipper Virat Kohli can contribute to his teammates’ goals. It would be a big boost for India if Kane Williamson plays alongside Marcus Stoinis. Both of these guys are good assets and they can give the team more options at the top.

They can put many balls in the air and take the ball away from Bangladeshi’s bowling and the same thing can be done by Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, and Shardul Thakur. That’s how much impact they can have on the opposition’s field. But if other players like KL Rahul or David Warner start performing well then they can change the picture of this match also. Apart from batting, other aspects are equally important for a strong team like running. When Dhoni will be fit in full form, he can play alongside Marcus Rashford and that will give India a better combination at the back and in front. So once they know the pitch then chances of victory will increase.

2nd two points

After that, the focus should be on defending your boundaries. This match has the quality of taking the ball away from a player by giving them time and space. But unfortunately, this doesn’t work every time for Bangladesh as well. Even if spinners try to get on the wrong side then they are not able to play accordingly. Their fielding should also improve and they can stop some batsmen with their hard catches.

Batting aside, there is nothing much to say about the field condition because both teams are doing average pitches but the pitches will gradually deteriorate as there wouldn’t be any dew, and the grass cover will stay dry. So even though it looks bad but on the bright side, conditions are pretty fair for us. Also, the weather might be not that suitable for some batsmen. So they might need to consider getting fast bowlers because spinners could be expensive. But the bowlers will be having time to prepare and plan accordingly before the arrival of a dew and grass cover.

3rd two points

It’s no secret the likes of Joe Root will be looking forward to contributing to the attack and defending his team’s boundaries. Although the game isn’t as simple as one vs one. Nowadays spinners aren’t give enough time and space. All of the games of cricket nowadays are dominat by seamers and then speedsters and if Bumrah goes with a different approach then it will not just make the game more complicated but also more complex to read.

He also has all the power tools from the modern age, he could switch formats with ease and keep the opponent guessing. And with the presence of MS Dhoni around, he can easily execute in different ways. On the other hand, Shakib Al Hasan had been disappointing for the past few years. But his performance on Sunday will turn things around and his experience will surely help him get better. His return to international cricket will be vital for his mental strength.

There is also another factor to his overall fitness and whether he can complete the comeback process with all due skill and confidence. He has already proven his ability to bounce back and will do the same on Thursday. In terms of bowling, Haris Rauf has proved he is an extremely capable and skilled bowler, he has also shown his experience and potential in past tournaments as well. So barring those, other players like Mustafizur Rahman, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, and Tabish Khan have similar qualities. We don’t know if they will have that capacity to carry a bat with such high hopes or not. Because the final of IPL is important for everyone. If one company loses, another company gets as well. Where is the next Women’s World Cup 2022?

4th two points

The biggest challenge for the tournament will be the balance of power in the middle order with captain Virat Kohli. However, he can still contribute by opening the innings as well. On Saturday, there were talks that he may miss the rest of the season but this isn’t confirm. He was playing fine and it’s too late now to complain about anything. What about his captaincy? Will a Steve Smith replacement be available? Only time will tell.

Maybe R Ashwin is the best batter in world cricket on that day and he can replace Sunil Narine and be part of it. Similarly, for MS Dhoni, it’s not a big deal as long as he fulfills his duties. As far as fielding goes, India will look to get the most out of Kuldeep Yadav’s services. He should be the best fielder out of all Indian batsmen. And if Ish Sodhi is available then India should have someone ready to fill up the blanks and replace Ravichandran Ashwin.

5th two points

The fielding aspect is quite impressive as both sides are creating chances with multiple plans and fields, keeping track of the field daily, and then exploiting weaknesses, and making it less attractive to counterplay. Even though conditions aren’t favorable, with the number of overs and fields, the contest is bound to become very entertaining. And as much as this looks promising, it will depend on how effective the field is and the bowling plans of both sides.

Where is the next Women’s World Cup 2022?


As women’s soccer continues to grow and grow as a sport, more opportunities to follow the game in different locations are being available. Many places across the world are hosting major sporting events and leagues, however, it can be difficult to decide where the next tournament should be or even start planning for it (since there are too many choices to choose from).

A list of the most popular sports that should host an event could help some people decide which location has the best chance to hold one. With no doubt as to what is happening to host the 2021 edition of this game and if you know where to go, let us give you some ideas on how much money you will need to spend to host the big show.


Hosting any other international football match will cost quite a bit but the same goes for hosting the biggest sporting event in Canada. This includes both men’s and women’s football competitions that are taking place as well as any soccer games that have been organized by Canadian clubs over the past couple of years. It would not only increase interest in joining the fan base but also give players something fun to do while they are preparing for their upcoming matches.

Many fans will choose to attend all the games that are hosted by Canada due to its popularity but others may prefer attending just a few matches and watching them from home. If your club has a successful schedule, then you will want to check out their home country and see what cities they are going to host the Big Show. However, make sure to ask yourself if enough stadiums are willing to host such large groups. Remember, you can still get a very small discount for buying tickets online when purchasing group-attended.

Fans come from

Some cities can welcome up to 20,000 spectators whilst others can host between 3,000 and 5,000. When deciding where you want the fans to come from, think about the history of each city, where it was based before. They may be able to provide good stadium facilities, stadium seats, food and drinks, and entertainment. Other popular sporting activities include tennis, golf, and even bocce ball so there is always a great possibility of choosing sports that suit your interests. 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup

You can ask questions like whether or not there are enough hotels around town that can host an audience of 2,000 plus and whether the transport system is up to scratch. In addition to having a huge crowd at your games, you will likely enjoy seeing them cheering for their team. Hosting the 2020 FIFA U-20 Cup will mean that you will be looking forward to watching the young boys in red and blue compete against older opponents. Follow for more news Ptv-sports

Chance to See

Don’t forget that each season will bring with it a new set of challenges. Think about the fact that you will be playing with the best teams in the region or perhaps even getting to see the top teams in Europe. Having so many chances to meet the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar means that it seems like you are the right person to host this event.

Not only does this look fantastic on paper, but you also don’t have to worry about financial issues since there are plenty of countries that can accommodate the crowds of fans. Another plus is that the competition will play over a long period, meaning that they will get accustomed to everything. Hosting a soccer event is never an easy task, especially when considering the amount of work that needs to done from an administrative perspective. For sure, there will be lots of paperwork and time spent waiting around the grounds.

Final Decision

Make sure to keep this in mind during your final decision-making process. Depending on what you choose, it might take longer than usual to arrange the logistics. If you are looking into hosting the 2018 FA WSL tournament, then you need to ensure that you are certain that the venue can host up to 50% capacity. In terms of budgeting, you will need to consider how many fans you can afford to give away for free. Have everyone ready and make sure that their schedules are fully cover. Also, try and remember to focus on the quality of the venue.

Ensure that the design is nice to visit. Lastly, the type of atmosphere the venue will provide will tell you where you should go to enjoy your day. To add, a great stadium will create a safe environment for everyone. Since women’s soccer is growing every year, there are more possibilities for fans to travel and enjoy their sport than ever. You can’t miss out on these occasions and enjoy what comes with being at a high level.

Hosting an event is not only expensive but a lot can go wrong while organizing one.

For example, if anything happens while the stadium is under construction or your stadium is already built. Some of the worst things that can happen are poor weather conditions or incidents that involve foul play such as a clash of egos. So always be aware of such issues and prepare accordingly if they arise. In doing so, you may find the event as stressful as you had expected. But you must remember that a better experience awaits your guests.

What type of health insurance coverage does ATC Healthcare offer?


The Affordable Care Act

What type of health insurance coverage does ATC Healthcare offer? The Affordable health care act (HCA) is a key law in the United States of America that was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2010. It is an improvement on several existing laws called ‘Obamacare’ and promises to help many Americans afford better healthcare, access to insurance coverage, as well as having more control over their healthcare.

There are two main types of health insurance coverage offered by atc healthcare companies: government sponsored health insurance and individual mandate health insurance. There are also other types such as employer-sponsored health insurance which allows workers to buy their own insurance plans, as well as military service health insurance and pharmacy benefit management. They also offer flexible benefits for certain activities like a pre-military spouse allowance. There are even additional types of insurance available through out of pocket costs. This means the employee pays nothing for these premiums.

What Are ATCs Health Plans Offered?

The first type of health plans offers by Act’s healthcare companies will government sponsor or non-group health plans that most of times offers by larger company’s such as General Motors, Microsoft  etc. These are some of the higher price plans but very important to protect them from rising costs. What type of health insurance coverage does ATC Healthcare offer?

Health insurance

The second type of health insurance is the Individual mandate health insurance which means you must either take a minimum amount number of hours in the workplace to earn your health insurance. Each month, employers have the choice of agreeing to contribute 5 percent of payroll to pay for health benefits, or they can have a plan approved for them by the federal government.

Both of these types of insurance cover employers. Now, if we do not have our employees covers it is generally not allow to work in the place of employment and therefore cannot receive healthcare coverage or any other benefits. Additionally, only employers should provide health insurance for their own employees and employees should only purchase their care on their own terms.

The only exception would be the case where the employer has no right to require the use of their health insurance. If this happens then the employer must waive coverage, unless there are specific exceptions or circumstances that require this. The one caveat to all of this is one would need to be able to find another job (for example, one that does not demand long hours).

How Do You Choose Which One Is Right For You?

The biggest issue that is going to face everyone who chooses to get insurance coverage is the cost. This is especially true for people who do not have medical conditions or those with lower health insurance or income. The cost of health insurance varies greatly depending on what type of insurance you choose and how much of a deductible you decide to pay for each policy.

While everyone faces different challenges with this, the problem does not end when it comes to making decisions about health insurance. Choosing among these types of health insurance can make the difference between getting healthy enough for retirement and spending years in an unproductive lifestyle. So, it’s always worth considering at least both options if they include the same level of risk. Read more

Health insurance usually goes on top of the list when it comes to saving money on healthcare. However, this is not really the best option if you want to be healthy and have enough income to cover those expenses. Your employer should take steps to ensure that the amount of premium you pay does not exceed what they’re going to pay. Not all employers can afford health insurance for their employees and their companies should make plans for their employees so that they know that they are contributing to that fund.

If a person chooses to go for individual mandate health insurance or a government funded HealthCare policy, they have no say. If someone wants to continue working it is generally best if they take time off during that time.

Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible


Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible .If you’ve ever been to the doctor, it’s likely that you’ve gotten a bill or two. If not for the bills or insurance premiums, it’s likely that your bill is going to be very high.

I know they say it takes three years to make an honest budget, but when you get your first bill and see what’s on top of it, it’s hard to get past that first one. Especially in this time where there are no healthcare plans – the government doesn’t pay them enough so they take everything from me and throw out the receipt.

When my father was diagnosed with cancer at age 78 he got an amazing response from his team of doctors at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard University School of Medicine. They were all great and worked well together with him and were compassionate about making his entire life better.

His survival rate didn’t improve, but he never died and many people don’t either. He had such a positive outlook on life, and I look up to that every day as I do some research for myself. Because he still does have to fight cancer each year in remission, he has the opportunity to continue living longer lives with no worries of being treated today. In fact, he recently turned 95 and is doing quite well.

I would like to try to help others who are facing similar medical problems,

by offering free health coverage with no copay or deductible, and I use only the best providers. My goal is to give hope to those living with these types of diseases and live long, productive lives for the rest of their lives. Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible.

With me currently having no family, I’m looking for a job that will be flexible and allow me to work from home if needed. Currently, I work from my kitchen table while my wife works several days and also spends nights working too. Although we are both able to take shifts on certain days, she needs to wake up around 5:30 a.m. and prepare our children for school. When my husband, who is employed at The Washington Post, works 4:30 p.m., I have the option to extend my hours after 7 p.m. if necessary.

When I initially started running into freelance writing jobs,

I found that most of them didn’t have health insurance coverage. It was easier to get someone to pay something than to stay uninsured. That’s why I wanted to try to find a way to offer some sort of compensation for the flexibility in scheduling. Also I want something where I can use some of my tax dollars during my income for healthcare, so having a monthly fee may help me in that regard.

I did see a site that offered free health care coverage with no cost. This could help because a monthly fee is easier to manage, and if I need to add money back into my income, paying for a monthly plan isn’t that much of a burden. I really like having the flexibility to choose when I need to go to the doctor and when I don’t. I didn’t think this was possible until I read about it.

At this time,

I do have limited options when it comes to other benefits that I could probably use. The biggest benefit would be giving myself more time during the week to focus on other things so I get to enjoy my family time. Having health insurance would allow me to provide for my family and I wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of personal matters.

If I could afford health insurance, that would be a huge plus for our family. Even though my family is not wealthy, they would be grateful if I gave them more money to cater to me so they could afford the health care costs. However, my concern is that someone else would have to pay the same amount to cover themselves if they did not have insurance.

There are lots of ways that this may help.


as mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of my children after work as we live in the suburbs and have time with our kids.


If I have insurance, then when my employer changes their benefits package or reduces my salary – so do I. Finally, if my family members also have access to health insurance, then our family, and especially children, would also be covered. I am sure insurance would be available if I lived in the South.

If so, they would also be able to get their health insurance when I didn’t. All in all, this type of health insurance would be a welcome gift to all of us. It would help us all keep healthier. Unfortunately, I live in rural Maryland, where healthcare access is unevenly distribute. As a result of lack of accessibility, we all just have to accept the level of uninsuredness that exists here. Therefore, we force to choose between this type of health coverage and what little money we have left over.

To be clear, this is not meant for anyone who wants to leave the US with their families. People who want to travel regularly and have business trips or work-related events when travelling overseas. Individuals who have been working for years and need a boost in income. Anyone who has a condition or disability that makes it difficult to do everyday things. Or anyone who has an event within six months to attend and feels unable to work long hours to create income for their family. Read More

Health Coverage

However, this type of health coverage would go a long way towards helping me and my family deal with the challenges that come with being uninsured. It would allow me to avoid unnecessary stress so I can focus on getting through my day and doing what I need to do in order to raise my business so that I can have a healthy and happy family. My worry is that if we get sick any time, and that happens frequently, our health insurance won’t be able to cover us anymore and thus my savings may end up dropping.

Regardless of how much we want health insurance, in the grand scheme of things, it does not feel like a significant enough benefit for us to buy. We just want it for ourselves so we don’t have to spend all of our resources on another thing. Even though we are lucky to have a large sum of money saved for retirement, that money isn’t available for other purposes. So, it seems the obvious choice to leave our nest.

Healthcare should be universal

To get that, there needs to be a system so all people have access to affordable healthcare regardless of whether or not they have insurance. It’s always good to hear that someone can help you out financially and provide you with help with anything you need, even if it means you lose a large portion of your income.

My mental health care provider is not billing my health care insurance is this illegal


A healthcare provider may bill third party payers directly based upon services provided to their patient. However, if a medical professional does not have direct contractual rights to service fees from a third party insurer, then they are not permitted to bill that insurance company. In other words, your doctor cannot charge your insurance for services rendered. If this situation occurs, you should contact your insurance carrier immediately and file a complaint to obtain reimbursement. There are many resources available to assist you in filing an appeal.

Why Does My Medical Marijuana Patient’s Prescription Have to Be Confidential?

The California Proposition 215, passed in 1996, mandates that patients who use marijuana for medicinal purposes have access to safe and legal dispensaries. As part of this law, prescription records were kept confidential by the Department of Public Health (DPH). However, beginning January 1st, 2018, DPH has allowed local jurisdictions to request these records. Patients do not need to provide their prescribing physician’s name in order to receive a valid medical marijuana card. Instead, physicians and patients only need to sign a declaration stating that they agree to keep the records confidential. However, if the individual has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, then those records would become public record if requested by law enforcement.

Why Are All My Patients’ Doctor Visits Confidential?

Under California law, certain types of visits between a physician and his or her patients are intended to remain confidential. These include visits where patients seek treatment for emotional stress or psychological problems, visits related to the care of children, and visits associated with abortions. Even though the state mandates confidentiality for these types of visits, it is still possible for third parties to gain access to this type of information through requests filed with local authorities. If you believe your medical history may fall under the category of confidential information, then you should seek legal counsel.

The purpose of a bill is to inform patients about their medical expenses.

Most states have passed laws that require physicians to submit bills to the patient’s insurer. In some instances, the patient may need to pay out-of-pocket before getting reimbursed. However, these are exceptions to the rule. Here is what you should know.


If your physician did not send you a bill, this does not necessarily mean they did not charge you for services rendered. It could just mean that they decided not to file the paperwork. You can always ask them to do so, but realize that this might put additional stress on your relationship.


If you receive a bill from your doctor, don’t panic! Many doctors will send you a copy of the original bill along with a summary of how much they billed the insurance company. This way you can make sure you received everything listed on the original bill. If you still think you overbilled, call the insurance company directly to find out what the policy is.


Keep in mind that any charges that were deemed unnecessary will generally not count against your deductible. These include things like tests ordered by your physician that weren’t necessary or items prescribed to help your healing.
Fourth, check with the insurance company to confirm whether they approve all of your claims. Some companies allow only certain providers to submit reports. Other companies require the submitting party to pay for the report and then submit it afterwards as a claim to the insurance company. Find out which method your provider uses.
Fifth, if you get a bill from your insurance company and believe they are incorrect, contact the insurance company directly. They may have overlooked something or maybe they haven’t yet processed the claim. Read More

Mental Health Care Providers are not typically covered under your insurance plan. They are usually billed directly to you at full cost. This is due to them being considered medical professionals.
Your Care Provider can bill your Insurance company but it is not guaranteed that they will get paid. There are many reasons as to why this happens. If you have a high deductible, then you would have to pay out of pocket before your insurance company pays anything back to them. You may have other deductibles or co-pays to deal with first. Also, if you do not use enough service, you could end up paying much less than what your insurance covers.

Mental Health Care

As long as you do not abuse your care provider, they should be able to bill your Insurance Company. In addition, you cannot be denied coverage just because of preexisting conditions. You still need your insurance card to prove your rights and access.
Many times, people feel guilty about taking time off from work to take care of their own issues. Taking time off from work is extremely detrimental to your career. Therefore, you should only take this kind of leave if it is absolutely necessary.
If you do suffer from a mental illness, please contact your state department of Human Services immediately. They can help guide you through the steps needed to ensure you are getting the right treatment.
Please remember to keep yourself informed about your benefits, especially if you are self employed. Do not rely solely on your care provider to inform you of these things.

The latest info on talks between Trinity Healthcare and Aetna Insurance


The latest info on talks between Trinity Healthcare and Aetna Insurance. In 2016, HealthCare REIT took over ownership of Trinity Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and has been working to improve both patient care and operational efficiencies at the facility. In May 2017, Aetna announced that they had reached a deal with Trinity Healthcare to take over management of their health plan business in seven states, including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. As part of this larger agreement, Aetna will provide coverage and services for nearly six million people enrolled in plans offered through Trinity’s managed health care organizations. Aetna will continue to cover members in areas where it already offers its own plans under contract agreements. The Aetna expects to earn $40 million from this arrangement when it begins in April 2018.

Aetna and Trinity Healthcare

This past December, Aetna and Trinity Healthcare signed a definitive merger agreement, and in January 2018, the companies submitted the necessary regulatory filings to seek approval from federal regulators. In March 2018, Aetna and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a statement confirming that the FTC had completed its review of the proposed acquisition and would not block the transaction. On November 2, 2018, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed that the DOJ was reviewing the proposed merger between Aetna and Trinity, but provided no further information. Read More

While the merger between Aetna/Trinity Healthcare is still pending, Aetna announced on October 12, 2018, that it was terminating its participation in Medicare Advantage plans in 11 states. The company said that it wanted to focus on providing individual employer-sponsored plans in these markets.

Aetna announced

At the end of September 2018, Aetna announced the sale of its pharmacy benefits management business to CVS Caremark for approximately $1 billion.

To date, the merger between Aetna Trinity Healthcare remains pending, and until it closes, Aetna will remain under the oversight of the Federal Trade Commission (

Approved the Tax

On January 23, 2019, the U.S House Committee on Ways and Means approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1), which includes changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Among those changes are provisions affecting tax credits for individuals in qualifying health insurance plans. There has been speculation about whether these changes will impact Aetna’s pending merger with Trinity Healthcare. However, a spokesperson for Aetna told Bloomberg BNA that “the ACA’s tax credit structure does not affect our decision to pursue the merger.”

Aetna has agreed to cover medical care at Trinity Health hospitals and clinics in the state of California, according to reports. This comes after the two companies announced their intention to merge in 2016. If the deal goes through, Aetna would become the largest commercial insurance carrier in the US.

Aetna Health Inc., based in Connecticut, has been working to expand its business in the cannabis industry after buying a majority stake in a Colorado-based company that operates two medical marijuana dispensaries. The company announced Monday that it plans to use that purchase as a way to enter other states where recreational pot is legal.

Trinity Health

Trinity Health, headquartered in California, is one of several health care companies operating throughout the United States that have started offering services related to the legalization of cannabis. In addition to providing physical locations where people can buy marijuana products, Trinity has begun marketing itself as a provider of cannabis education and consulting services.

Both companies said they are open to working together. “We believe this partnership will offer patients access to innovative medicine while supporting healthcare providers who want to provide compassionate care,” said Trina Hughes, chief executive officer at Trinity’s medical division.

Aetna CEO Mark Bartolini said his insurer wanted to help customers get better medicines but didn’t want to lose money from doing so. The latest info on talks between Trinity Healthcare and Aetna Insurance.

Trinity Planning

Trinity is planning to add 25 clinics to Aetna, and Aetna wants to sell some insurance policies through Trinity. But both companies say they don’t plan to compete in each others’ markets. The deal could take about 18 months to complete, depending on regulatory approvals.

The purchase price was not disclosed, although many analysts speculated that it might exceed $10 million.

The deal marks the second time in less than a year that an insurer acquire a major stake in a cannabis company. In November, Liberty Mutual invested in Canopy Growth Corp., a publicly traded Canadian maker of marijuana products.

That investment came only months before Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana, giving them the green light to start selling pot there. The latest info on talks between Trinity Healthcare and Aetna Insurance.