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Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible

Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible .If you’ve ever been to the doctor, it’s likely that you’ve gotten a bill or two. If not for the bills or insurance premiums, it’s likely that your bill is going to be very high.

I know they say it takes three years to make an honest budget, but when you get your first bill and see what’s on top of it, it’s hard to get past that first one. Especially in this time where there are no healthcare plans – the government doesn’t pay them enough so they take everything from me and throw out the receipt.

When my father was diagnosed with cancer at age 78 he got an amazing response from his team of doctors at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard University School of Medicine. They were all great and worked well together with him and were compassionate about making his entire life better.

His survival rate didn’t improve, but he never died and many people don’t either. He had such a positive outlook on life, and I look up to that every day as I do some research for myself. Because he still does have to fight cancer each year in remission, he has the opportunity to continue living longer lives with no worries of being treated today. In fact, he recently turned 95 and is doing quite well.

I would like to try to help others who are facing similar medical problems,

by offering free health coverage with no copay or deductible, and I use only the best providers. My goal is to give hope to those living with these types of diseases and live long, productive lives for the rest of their lives. Am looking for free health medical insurance with no copay and O deductible.

With me currently having no family, I’m looking for a job that will be flexible and allow me to work from home if needed. Currently, I work from my kitchen table while my wife works several days and also spends nights working too. Although we are both able to take shifts on certain days, she needs to wake up around 5:30 a.m. and prepare our children for school. When my husband, who is employed at The Washington Post, works 4:30 p.m., I have the option to extend my hours after 7 p.m. if necessary.

When I initially started running into freelance writing jobs,

I found that most of them didn’t have health insurance coverage. It was easier to get someone to pay something than to stay uninsured. That’s why I wanted to try to find a way to offer some sort of compensation for the flexibility in scheduling. Also I want something where I can use some of my tax dollars during my income for healthcare, so having a monthly fee may help me in that regard.

I did see a site that offered free health care coverage with no cost. This could help because a monthly fee is easier to manage, and if I need to add money back into my income, paying for a monthly plan isn’t that much of a burden. I really like having the flexibility to choose when I need to go to the doctor and when I don’t. I didn’t think this was possible until I read about it.

At this time,

I do have limited options when it comes to other benefits that I could probably use. The biggest benefit would be giving myself more time during the week to focus on other things so I get to enjoy my family time. Having health insurance would allow me to provide for my family and I wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of personal matters.

If I could afford health insurance, that would be a huge plus for our family. Even though my family is not wealthy, they would be grateful if I gave them more money to cater to me so they could afford the health care costs. However, my concern is that someone else would have to pay the same amount to cover themselves if they did not have insurance.

There are lots of ways that this may help.


as mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of my children after work as we live in the suburbs and have time with our kids.


If I have insurance, then when my employer changes their benefits package or reduces my salary – so do I. Finally, if my family members also have access to health insurance, then our family, and especially children, would also be covered. I am sure insurance would be available if I lived in the South.

If so, they would also be able to get their health insurance when I didn’t. All in all, this type of health insurance would be a welcome gift to all of us. It would help us all keep healthier. Unfortunately, I live in rural Maryland, where healthcare access is unevenly distribute. As a result of lack of accessibility, we all just have to accept the level of uninsuredness that exists here. Therefore, we force to choose between this type of health coverage and what little money we have left over.

To be clear, this is not meant for anyone who wants to leave the US with their families. People who want to travel regularly and have business trips or work-related events when travelling overseas. Individuals who have been working for years and need a boost in income. Anyone who has a condition or disability that makes it difficult to do everyday things. Or anyone who has an event within six months to attend and feels unable to work long hours to create income for their family. Read More

Health Coverage

However, this type of health coverage would go a long way towards helping me and my family deal with the challenges that come with being uninsured. It would allow me to avoid unnecessary stress so I can focus on getting through my day and doing what I need to do in order to raise my business so that I can have a healthy and happy family. My worry is that if we get sick any time, and that happens frequently, our health insurance won’t be able to cover us anymore and thus my savings may end up dropping.

Regardless of how much we want health insurance, in the grand scheme of things, it does not feel like a significant enough benefit for us to buy. We just want it for ourselves so we don’t have to spend all of our resources on another thing. Even though we are lucky to have a large sum of money saved for retirement, that money isn’t available for other purposes. So, it seems the obvious choice to leave our nest.

Healthcare should be universal

To get that, there needs to be a system so all people have access to affordable healthcare regardless of whether or not they have insurance. It’s always good to hear that someone can help you out financially and provide you with help with anything you need, even if it means you lose a large portion of your income.



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